MiFunder account operates as a fully simulated account, incorporating real market quotes sourced from liquidity providers. All your trades will be placed on the trading platform, which is strictly a demonstration only environment and not a “live” platform. 
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Pioneering Excellence in Morden Prop Trading
Welcome to the heart and soul of MiFunder – MiFunder was built by seasoned traders for traders to solve this problem of under-funding, equipping traders with the capital and guardrails necessary to be part of the top 5% who are profitable.
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MiFunder, a modern proprietary firm, announces the launch of their new funding platform for traders. Skilled forex traders often have limited capital, with many reporting that access to funding is their top challenge.
Published on Barchart
By providing access to larger capital and ensuring rigorous risk management practices, MiFunder aims to provide better opportunities to skilled traders... Rudo Viljoen, CEO of MiFunder.
Published on Business Mole
MiFunder was built by seasoned traders for traders to solve this problem of under-funding, equipping traders with the guardrails necessary to be part of the top 5% who are profitable. Alex Giwa, COO of MiFunder.
Published on SME Bulletin
MiFunder is poised to redefine the prop-trading landscape. The Company offers larger accounts at more affordable prices than competitors, often compounding their value with perks yet to be seen in the market.
Published on Financial Content
MiFunder provides traders with funded accounts up to 250,000 USD, at zero risk to the traders. This new platform not only enhances the trading capacity of skilled users but also opens up new avenues for traders globally.
Published on Benzinga
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the fabric of our
We serve our customers with fairness and transparency. We settle all contracts by the book and speak plainly and truthfully.
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We put the customer first and strive to build products that deliver the best customer experience.
We value colleagues with the ability to use good judgement and an aptitude to learn and grow.
We value team players that collaborate freely across departments with humility and ambition.
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You might wonder, what sets MiFunder apart when the market teems with options? It's simple—we combine the vitality of a new entity with the depth of experience that we collectively possess. While our customer base might be at its inception, our credibility rests on the foundation of our team's expertise, our commitment to transparency, and our unwavering dedication to your success.
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Building Futures
As we embark on this journey, our promise remains clear—to empower traders like you and build futures that are defined by success. With an unyielding focus on your growth and prosperity, we pledge to be your partners in every step of your trading expedition.
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Forex, Commodities, Indices, Crypto.
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